About Mimn Taiy

Our company is a professional measuring machine agency in domestic and oversea countries. We are selling different kinds of precision measuring machines such as microscope, optical projector, precision measuring machine, 3D coordinate measuring machine and we sell various types of industrial inspection software as well.
Our company has rich experience, and we provide the best equipment application advices and recommendations for our customers. It can let measurement results become more efficient, thus our company becomes more competitive. At the same time, technology keep improving, we expect that continue producing new products and new technologies. In order to provide more divers skills for consumer, and create the best automatic measuring system./span>
In addition to the expertise and experience, we care customer loyalty the most. Each product must pass through rigorous certification. Our company offers after-service and warranty service, and we will keep obeying the principle of customer loyalty. And our company also offers professional skill, rapid service efficiency and the highest quality service. Hope our company can contribute to the industry, create prosperity and future vision.
Electronics、 mold、 linear cutting、plastic injection part、 PCB board、 the conductive rubber、 flexible circuit、 lead-frame、electronic parts、stamping、spring、screw、cutting、plastic、rubber、valve、camera、bicycle parts、car & motorcycle pats、punching machine、mental manufacture…etc.